LOCATION: Tampa, Florida
COMPANY SIZE: 50 Employees
Dunn&Co. sought visibility into their real-time performance and sought guidance to set up processes to help streamline confident decision-making.

About The Client

An ad agency located in Florida, Dunn&Co. makes products, films, brands, social movements, and ads. From classic brochures to complete brand overhauls, everything Dunn&Co. create begins with a simple human truth that leads to something with meaningful value.

While the business already has 20 years of success, Dunn&Co. came to Upsourced seeking visibility and processes to enhance their financials and make confident, data-driven decisions instead of relying on a gut feeling. They sought ways to understand where the firm stood in real-time rather than waiting for year-end reports to make big decisions. Dunn&Co. was also searching for a financial team that understood their pain points and would patiently guide and help the team understand their finances at a high level.

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“Upsourced didn’t just come in and tell us what to do. We worked together to completely reinvent our systems and processes. Their approach is never heavy-handed or top-down. They function like a member of our team.”

Kamden Kuhn

EVP, Strategy

Our Process

We met with the agency leadership to better understand Dunn&Co.’s current processes and hear their specific pain points. Upsourced provided more structure to the accounting operations and switched the team to accrual-based accounting to give them more accurate visibility into the current financial situation. This allowed the team to make timely decisions and catch errors as they were happening.

How We Helped

  • Reengineered the invoicing process to help streamline operations and get the owner out of the day-to-day process.
  • Set up an accrual-based accounting process to give visibility to the percentage of project completion and how the company was functioning.
  • Set up an Expensify account to allow more accurate and timely expenses hassle free.
“The nice thing was that they understood that it was an entire agency approach, not just an accounting and finance approach.

Danielle Franks

Director of Operations

Overall Improvement

By setting Dunn&Co. up with an accrual-based accounting process, the team gained visibility into their projects and finances at a more timely and accurate rate. This allowed the team to make confident, data-driven decisions rather than just trusting their gut.

Instead of going in and uprooting all of their financial processes at once, we walked them through the processes at a pace that best suited Dunn&Co. to ensure changes were made correctly and effectively for the entire agency. From there, we were able to walk them through each process and ensure they had a full understanding of why we were making certain changes so they could continue to implement them on their own. This gave the team the visibility they needed into their projects and the insight they required to grow confidently.

Director of Operations Danielle Franks stated:

“Upsourced has allowed us to make changes at a sustainable rate rather than feeling rushed and unprepared.

They want to make sure that I understand what’s happening and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

I’m now able to continue processes and think through things in a way that will continue to benefit the business.”

Being specialized in creative agencies, we have the ability to give perspectives into what other studios are doing and share our learnings. Our clients matter to us in more than just a business transactional way. Think your agency could benefit from an additional lens? Let our team provide you with the financial clarity and peace of mind you and your team deserve.