AGENCY TYPE: Brand & Strategy
LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ
COMPANY SIZE: 11 Employees
Historic needed clarity surrounding their data in order to make important business decisions, as well as assistance ensuring reporting was accurate.

About The Client

They’re a brand strategy shop located in the Phoenix desert. Historic specializes in a multi-disciplinary approach to planning and creating a more human experience across all channels. The firm helps ambitious organizations establish their brand identity and showcase who they are. Historic came to Upsourced seeking clarity around their data in order to make important business decisions after COVID knocked 35% of their annual revenue down in a matter of two weeks. They had to make the tough decision to let some people go. They knew they weren’t seeing the value in the data they had, but who knew how much the clarity would fuel more creative work?

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“I can’t imagine using anyone else and getting the same level of care. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Upsourced—we not only survived, but we thrived”

Mark Miller


Our Process

We met with Historic to learn about and understand what troubles they were having so we could develop a strategy to get the business back on track. Within 90 days, we were able to turn their business around and set them up for success. We provided the clarity they needed in order to make important business decisions, which in turn led to more creative work.

How We Helped

  • Provided more clarity into project profitability reporting. This allowed Historic to make more strategic hiring decisions.
  • Became a trusted advisor and a true extension of their team.
  • Provided insights around data which led to better creative work. Working through hiring scenarios helped Historic take on new projects and reimagine the work they produced for their clients.
“The clarity has led to more creative work—you wouldn’t think having the right numbers would do that.”

Mark Miller


Overall Improvement

Historic quickly grew the company back to what it was before COVID hit and has been able to bring staff back on.

With this new lens of clarity Upsourced has provided, Historic is able to make important business and operational decisions. The company wasn’t seeing the full value in the data that they had, and the Upsourced team was able to further enhance that.

“We have the right information to know based on project profitability, types of projects coming in, who we should actually hire, what type of person we need – instead of just hiring anyone.” Mark stated. “By changing our creative process, we’ve increased margin and become more competitive. We are now able to punch above our weight class.”

Being specialized in creative agencies, we have the ability to give perspectives into what other agencies are doing and share our learnings. Our clients matter to us in more than just a business transactional way. Think your company could benefit from an additional lens? Let our team provide you the clarity and peace of mind you and your clients deserve.