AGENCY TYPE: Design Agency
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
COMPANY SIZE: 30 Employees
Funsize is a digital experience design agency that envisions new ideas, evolves existing products and services, and executes industry-defining design. Funsize sought more accurate financial data and visibility to make big decisions promptly.

About The Client

A 10-year-old design agency located in Texas, Funsize creates future-focused design through diverse perspectives and thoughtful collaboration. They work with inspiring design and engineering teams to uncover opportunities, evolve popular products, bring new businesses to market, and prepare for the future.

Funsize came to Upsourced looking for accurate data available to them when they needed it. Gaining better visibility into their sales pipeline and understanding how that impacted their profitability were top priorities to help them make operational decisions. The team also sought strategies to collect past-due invoices and improve cash flow.

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“This year has been very difficult for all agencies. I can’t even imagine making these big decisions when we can’t trust the data and have to second-guess everything. Thanks to Upsourced, we can make confident, data-driven decisions.”

Mari Chamoun

Head of Accounts and CFO

Our Process

We met with the leadership team at Funsize and immersed ourselves in their existing processes, enabling us to understand their specific pain points. Once the Upsourced team understood what Funsize was looking for, we came up with two main deliverables. 

1) A financial forecast considering sales, staff, and operational expenses. 

2) A more precise A/R aging report.

How We Helped

  • Our team established a cadence to review and confirm accurate forecasts.
  • Our team identified which invoices must be paid and reconciled in the A/R report.
  • Our team streamlined the invoice workflow and newly documented processes – ensuring the A/R aging schedule reported in the accounting system was correct before sending new invoices.
“Why Upsourced? It’s all about the intimate understanding of creative and design businesses.”

Anthony Armendariz

Co-CEO, Chief Strategy Officer

Overall Improvement

Upsourced decreased the past-due invoice balance by seven figures in nine months. The new invoicing process kept the agency from needing to make the difficult decision to lay off staff during the challenging year.

Funsize trusts the data they’re reviewing, breeding confidence in their decision-making. Strong cash flow has allowed them to make strategic decisions instead of feeling like they are making decisions out of desperation. The Funsize team has a clear line of sight into where their agency stands today and can easily forecast the future.

Upsourced has become an extension of their team rather than an advisor. Anthony stated:

“I think one of the biggest differences that I see is proactivity. Everything is way better put together, structured, and thought out. Upsourced is doing a lot of the work to help figure things out instead of just trying to navigate issues through conversation only.”

Being specialized in creative agencies, we have the ability to give perspectives into what other studios are doing and share our learnings. Our clients matter to us in more than just a business transactional way.